Amazon Customer Service : A Role Model For Online Industry

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Amazon is a giant e-commerce website commonly known for its commendable customer service support. You don’t usually find these e-commerce websites paying that extra attention to customer complaints, but not the case with amazon. The customer support of amazon is par with other websites, and serious, no on even come close to the services and support. If you’re a registered customer, and want to talk to customer support executive, then you just have to drop your number, and they will call you.

Started with only books, now you can find every product that is manufactured being on the website. For such a vast number of products, they need a good customer support team, which they eventually, worked out to have on.


Customer service on amazon really listen to a problem, they will first understand it, and then find a solution. The amazon website is designed so well, that you will hardly have any query related to finding anything, and design. But if you have called amazon, I bet they will first provide you a common solution for your problem, which works most of the time. But if your problem doesn’t solve, they will listen and dig deeper. They may call someone senior to understand the problem on technical level, or on more enhanced level. Then finally they will come up with more personalized solution of the problem, if it needed one.

Coming up with the solution is the best part of the amazon customer support system. Once I had ordered Oneplus 2 from amazon, on invite basis, and after two days of usage, fund that it is defective, the front camera wasn’t working. I called amazon; they listened to the problem, successfully initiated return, provide me another invite to reorder the phone, and delivered it within two days from the day of ordering. That’s the power of the customer service at amazon. See, my problem was rare, but they didn’t fail to provide me a unique solution to it. They listened to it, and called some senior officers, and decided all together the solution. What I liked about them is the team effort they put into a solution. They did it for me, they valued single customer, though, maybe they could have just ignored the problem, but they didn’t. They also gave me a confirmation call after receiving my order, as to see that everything went well, and whether I am satisfied or not.

If the company is big, and brand value related to, then customers expect more from it. Some companies fail to meet expectations, and some, work beyond them. Amazon is one company that meets expectations, and even work beyond them. They have really managed an excellent customer support. Legend says that Good service support is the best kind of marketing, and I think, amazon is a best example for this.

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