Beginner Tips for Selling Books On Amazon

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Amazon being the largest online platform selling books online worldwide presents the users with an unique opportunity of being a part of the Five Billion Dollar Business with more than 35 million active users. Its hard to believe but true that with a bit of hard work and effort, one can create a full time employment. Amazon’s Book selling site accounts for 5% of the overall sales online and it lets you have share out of it. You can create an Online Business free of cost on Amazon that will work 24 Hrs, 365 days of the year with almost negligible overheads and zero hassles that normally are part of E Commerce Business.

Why One Should Sell Books On Amazon

Its up to an individual to sell books on Amazon or any other product in other categories but books being one the largest selling products online across industry make out to be a better option to make a living out of it. But certainly of you have the taste, knowledge and orientation for it. You get the price you desire, you don’t have to wait long and you don’t need to change the listing every time. With Amazon’s, all you have to do is to post it to the buyer once it’s sold.

Amazon offers a level playing field for all to sell books even in competition to where Amazon sell books. One can sell new or used books, one can list unlimited number of items. Amazon takes a very nominal charge of 86P in UK per book and 17.25% of the sale price. If you don’t sell anything you are not required to pay anything. You have Zero overhead for listing books on Amazon. So all you have to do is to create a store for yourself on Amazon and list your products to be able to sell books on Amazon. If you face any problem in Store Creation or product listing, you can contact Amazon in respective region.

Important Tips for Collecting Books

Collecting books at cheaper rates let you increase your profit margin. Below are some useful tips to buy books at cheaper rates:

Book Fairs: Book fairs can good source of buying books at cheaper rate. You can get all sorts of books new and used in book fairs without effort. But one has to be careful with price as may sellers tend to over charge for the books. A bit of bargaining can get you good price.

Auctions: Keep your eyes and ear open for any auction that may come up around you. One can easily find new books as a part of auction as stock or salvage. You can find good condition, new books at cheap price to sell them on Amazon.

Individual Sellers: Many book lovers tend to sell the books once they have read the book for want of space to store them or simply to earn money which they further invest in buying books. So if you are able to have a number of such people you are poised to earn good money as such individuals maintain the condition of the books well and sell them for 50% off.

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